Sentence Examples

  • Both were disafforested in the 17th century.
  • Enfield Chase was a royal preserve, disafforested in 1777.
  • They were not payable of the following, except by custom: things of the substance of the earth, such as coals, minerals, turf and the like; things ferae naturae, such as fish, deer and the like; things tame, such as fowls, hounds or fish kept for pleasure or curiosity; barren land, until it is converted into arable or meadow land, and has been so for seven years; forest land, if in the hands of the king or his lessee, unless disafforested; a park which is disparked; or glebe land in the hands of the parson or vicar, which was mutually exempted from payment by the one to the other, but not if in the hands of the vicar's lessee.
  • These latter are at once disafforested; but those of Henry II.
  • Land which had thus been once forest land and was afterwards disafforested was known as purlieu - derived by Manwood from the French pur and lieu, i.e.

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