Sentence Examples

  • Rissa removed a dirk and slit open her palm, displaying it to him.
  • At the close of the, 4th century the heirs of the Koevorden and van den Hove families sold their rights, first to the town, and then to the bishop. A struggle followed, in which the city was temporarily worsted; but in 1440 Bishop Dirk II.
  • Dordrecht was founded by Count Dirk III.
  • It was not, however, till late in the 11th century that his successors adopted the style "Hollandensis comes" as p y their territorial designation (it is found for the first time on a seal of Dirk V.
  • In 922 Charles the Simple gave in full possession to a count in Frisia, Dirk by name (a shortened form of Diederic, Latin Theodoricus), "the church of Egmont with all that belonged to it from Swithardeshage to Kinhem."