Sentence Examples

  • The country east of the Nile is divided between the Bari, Nuer and Dinka tribes.
  • The Bahr-ei-Ghazal.The first outbreak in favor of Mahdism in the Bahr-el-Ghazal took place at Liffi in August 1882, when the Dinka tribe, under Jango, revolted and was defeated by Lupton 33ey with considerable slaughter at Tel Gauna, and again in 1883
  • In 1893 the dervish amir, Abu Mariam, fought with the Dinka tribe and was killed and his force destroyed, the fugitives taking refuge in Shakka.
  • They have as neighbours the Dinka to the north, the Madi to the south, and the Galla to the east.
  • In the northern zone this check is absent, and the number of more essentially pastoral peoples, such as the eastern Hamites, Masai, Dinka, Fula, &c., correspondingly greater.