Sentence Examples

  • Dhamma Sangani (enumeration of qualities).
  • Of the seven treatises contained in the Abhidhamma Pitaka five, and one-third of the sixth, had by 1910 been published by the Pali Text Society; and one, the Dhamma Sangani, had been translated by Mrs Rhys Davids.
  • There have also been added to the canonical books seven works on A bhidhamma, a more elaborate and more classified exposition of the Dhamma or doctrine as set out in the Nikayas.
  • Now the older school also held, in the first place, that, when a man had, in this life, attained to Arahatship, his karma would not pass on to any other individual in another life - or in other words, that after Arahatship there would be no rebirth; and, secondly, that four thousand years after the Buddha had proclaimed the Dhamma or doctrine of Arahatship, his teaching would have died away, and another Buddha would be required to bring mankind once more to a knowledge of the truth.
  • Dhamma means the doctrine, and Abhidhamma has a relation to Dhamma similar to that of by-law to law.

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