Sentence Examples

  • Linke's mean value for dV/dh at the ground was 125.
  • DW F - d -v 1+ a 7rK dx dH (38) (34) [[[Magnetic Measurements]] If Ho is constant, the force will be zero; if Ho is variable, the sphere will tend to move in the direction in which Ho varies most rapidly.
  • If V is the volume of a ball, H the strength of the field at its centre, and re its apparent susceptibility, the force in the direction x is f= K'VH X dH/dx; and if K',, and are the apparent susceptibilities of the same ball in air and in liquid oxygen, K' Q -K'o is equal to the difference between the susceptibilities of the two media.
  • From the series for G and H just obtained it is easy to verify that dH = - 7rvG, dv av - dG _ 7rvH -1.
  • 2wr { a 0, dt2WE+2UC+ dz = o, dw dt - 2un+2v+ dH = 0, where H = fdp/p +V +1q 2, (7) 2 2 +v 2 2 (8) and the three terms in H may be called the pressure head, potential head, and head of velocity, when the gravitation unit is employed and Zq 2 is replaced by 1q 2 1 g.