Sentence Examples

  • Common red flags that children may be experiencing a depressive disorder include a sudden decline in grades and/or disinterest in schoolwork, avoidance of friends, loss of interest in extracurricular activities, and withdrawal from family.
  • Herbal preparations may be helpful for mild depression, but a major depressive episode warrants prompt attention from a medical professional.When depression becomes overwhelming, attempting self-treatment can be dangerous.
  • Moreover, the quality of your sleek Coach accessory will ensure that this wristlet will last much longer than the romance between you and Mr. Red-Line, who will later turn out to be a depressive and overly coddled grad student.
  • While major depressive episodes may be acute (intense but short-lived), dysthymic disorder is an ongoing, chronic depression that lasts two or more years (one or more years in children) and has an average duration of 16 years.
  • Depression and depressive disorders (unipolar depression) are mental illnesses characterized by a profound and persistent feeling of sadness or despair and/or a loss of interest in things that once were pleasurable.