Sentence Examples

  • Even bread-winners are required to serve, the state pensioning their dependants (75 centimes per diem, up to 10% of the strength) during their period of service.
  • He himself had always refrained from exacting the usual provision which other governors had claimed; indeed, he had readily entertained over 150 officials and dependants at his table, apart from casual refugees (Neh.
  • " Political differences " on the other hand, are such as affect states in their external relations, or in relation to their subjects or dependants who may be in revolt against them.
  • The conclusion supported by most evidence seems to be that he practised on his friends and dependants, but not as a remunerative profession.
  • The new German noble was as eager to extend the size of his lands and to increase the numbers of his dependants as the Roman had been.

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