Sentence Examples

  • The food stamp income requirements are based on the federal poverty level, but deductions are allowed for expenses such as dependant care, legally-owed child support payments, and medical care for people who are elderly or disabled.
  • Alcohol rehab is a process where an alcohol dependant person restores his/her physiological, psychological and mental equilibrium by participation in a structured and professionally monitored program.
  • You can drink beer until you puke your guts out to compete for the title of Insanely Dependant Alcoholic, or use the screen blurring effects this creates to add extra difficulty to your next battle.
  • Choosing the right smartphone will be dependant upon your individual needs, your current computer operating system and the applications you require for your day to day tasks.
  • If your child will continue to be dependant after age 18 or 19, you may return to court and formally request that the court issue an order to continue child support payments.