Sentence Examples

  • In addition, the site provides explanations of common terms you'll find when shopping for vintage stockings, including gauge and denier, which refers to the weight and sheerness of the nylons.
  • Invented in the 1950's using some experimental spinning techniques, the theory behind it is the production of fibers that measure less than one denier (a unit of thread measurement).
  • Also, the hosiery will not provide any warmth to your body. 10 to 20 denier hosiery is the most popular and comfortable since it is quite sheer, reasonably warm and also looks good.
  • As the denier number lowers, the material of the hosiery becomes finer and sheerer in appearance. '40 denier' hosiery will be opaque and you cannot see your skin tone through them.
  • The seat is made of heavy-duty denier polyester, features the extra-tall back, extra pillow padding and includes cup holders on each arm of the chair.