Sentence Examples

  • If in more recent times progress in Judaism has implied more or less of revolt against the rigors and fetters of Qaro's code, yet for 250 years it was a powerful safeguard against demoralization and stagnation.
  • P. 656) attributes its bad reputation to the attempt of the inhabitants of the country to find some excuse for the demoralization caused by their own luxurious and effeminate habits of life.
  • Such vicissitudes were the ordinary lot of the Jews for several centuries, and it was their own inner life - the pure life of the home, the idealism of the synagogue, and the belief in ultimate Messianic redemption - that saved them from utter demoralization and despair.
  • He was powerless against the mounting flood of desertion and demoralization in the army, and he was the first of the ministers to resign in despair.
  • The absence of the usual donative to the troops; and the demoralization in both army and court made further resistance useless.