Sentence Examples

  • To the native Egyptians Alexander appeared as a deliverer from the Persian tyranny, and he sacrificed piously to the gods of Memphis.
  • It was under the name of al-mandi that Mokhtar proclaimed `Ali's son Mahommed as the opponent of the caliph Abdalmalik, and, according to Shahrastani, the doctrine of the mandi, the hidden deliverer who is one day to appear and fill the oppressed world with righteousness, first arose in connexion with a belief that this Mahommed had not died but lived concealed at Mount Radwa, near Mecca, guarded by a lion and a panther.
  • He could not profess to be, as the count of Sicily could honestly profess to be, a deliverer to a large part of the people of the land.
  • Ioo) clearly reveal the powerful revival of Messianic hopes of a national deliverer of the seed of David.
  • Though the majority of the rabbis looked for no such deliverer and refused to admit his claims, Barcochebas drew the people after him to struggle for their national independence.