Sentence Examples

  • Along with making use of a 24 hour 1/100th second chronograph and countdown timer, serious divers can also access decompression data, depth alarms and data, ascent alarms, nitrogen levels and Nitrox diving data.
  • Children with a hemorrhagic stroke may be transferred to a center with neurosurgical facilities so the proper treatment, such as decompression or hydrocephalus drainage, can be provided by skilled specialists.
  • Relatively common anatomic procedures are decompression surgeries, such as repairing a herniated disk in the lower back or relieving the nerve compression related to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Among the technological characteristics of these Blancpain watch models are antimagnetic cases, decompression valves, unidirectional bezels, power reserve indicators, and rotating bezels.
  • If a large cyst does not have a hard component, procedures called thoracoamniotic shunting or catheter decompression may be used to drain the cyst.