Sentence Examples

  • The portion distilling at about 200° C. is then methylated by means of methyl alcohol and methyl iodide at loo-i io C., the excess of methyl alcohol removed and the product obtained decolorized by sulphuric acid.
  • An aqueous solu tion of fuchsine is decolorized on the addition of sulphurous acid, the easily soluble fuchsine sulphurous acid being formed.
  • The residue is then dissolved in water, decolorized by animal charcoal and saturated at 50 C. with oxalic acid.
  • The urea oxalate is recrystallized and decolorized and finally decomposed by calcium carbonate (J.
  • The precipitate is dissolved in boiling water, decolorized by potassium permanganate and decomposed by barium carbonate.