Sentence Examples

  • Porto decanter set-According to Signals, 17th century Europeans sipped their port wine through specially crafted Pfeiffen-Schnapps glasses.
  • There are three types of decanter lids by Bunn, the 8-cup brewer lid, the 10-cup brewer lid, and a decanter lid made exclusively for the NHBX coffee maker.
  • This set includes four hand blown port glasses that measure 3 ½ inches tall and a decanter that measures 11 ¾ inches tall.
  • They offer three main items that have to do with the drinking and serving of wine; double wine glasses, personalized wine bar glasses and carafe and a porto decanter set (these items would fall under their entertaining category).
  • A richly-decorated port decanter and glasses with 24k gold decoration purchased on a trip to Italy may hold a prominent place in the dining room; however, they may only be used on rare occasions, if at all.