Sentence Examples

  • For small supplies such a well may be perfectly successful; but however small the quantity drawn, it must obviously have the effect of diminishing the volume of fresh water, which contributes to the maintenance of the level of saturation above the sea-level; and with further pumping the fresh water would be so far drawn upon that the mean level of saturation would sink, first to a curved figure - a cone of depression - such as that represented by the new level of saturation dd, and later to the figure represented by the lines ee, in which the level of saturation has everywhere been drawn below the mean sea-level.
  • DD =diaphragm of the field of view.
  • DD = diaphragm.
  • Anx2, and 52 takes the simpler form dd d d aodal+alda2+a2da,1--...
  • Inside the sphere d I d'd rd?