Sentence Examples

  • Whether you subscribe or not, check out this fantastic resource for dancers and choreographers, and then add your favorite dances and dance events to their databases to help future visitors to the site find the most information possible.
  • The profit margin is usually much less using these methods because each of those websites take a cut, but you don't have to worry about issues such as merchant accounts, databases, or other common problems with business software.
  • The first few web sites were actually simply links to various files - usually academic papers or databases full of research information - from a central document formatted in "Hypertext Markup Language" (which is now known as HTML).
  • First, it's powerful: multiple users, multiple databases, a sophisticated language for querying which yields fast and accurate results, which all adds up to an incredibly useful engine for managing large amounts of data.
  • More sophisticated programs let you upload actual images from your room and allow you to tap into databases of products from major home décor retailers to give you an even more precise look at your design ideas.