Sentence Examples

  • Of the amphibious rodents, the pi-ea (Cavia aperea), mod, (C. rupestris), paca (Coelogenys paca), cutia (Dasyprocta aguti) and capybara (Hydrochoerus capybara) are noteworthy for their size and extensive range.
  • The members of both Coelogenys and Dasyprocta are terrestrial in their habits, and have the foreand hind-limbs subequal, hoof-like claws,.
  • The rodents are numerous and include most, if not all, of the Amazonian species - the capybara (Hydrochoerus capybara), cavia (C. aperea), paca (Coelogenys paca) and cutia (Dasyprocta aguti), all amphibious and having an extensive range.
  • AGOUTI, or Aguti, the West Indian name of Dasyprocta aguti, a terrestrial rodent of the size of a rabbit, common to Trinidad and Guiana, and classed in the family Caviidae.
  • Under the same term may be included the other species of Dasyprocta, of which there are about half a score in tropical America.

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