Sentence Examples

  • Evans Darby, and is published, along with'the texts of several projects for general arbitration, at the offices of the Peace Society, 47 New Broad Street, London.
  • - The first iron bridge erected was constructed by John Wilkinson (1728-1808) and Abraham Darby span of 240 ft.
  • They could not even prevent Admiral George Darby from relieving Gibraltar and Minorca in April.
  • Darby in the following year; and Ahmad ibn Mohammed ibn Abdallah, al Dimashki, al `Ajmi, commonly called Ibn 'Arabshah, author of the Arabic `Ajaibu '1 Makhlnkat, translated by the Dutch Orientalist Golius in 1636.
  • In this connexion we may mention that the secretary of the London Peace Society, Dr Evans Darby, has edited an exhaustive collection of materials called International Tribunals.