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  • There is a continuous transition between the Senonian and Danian, proving that the Algerian region did not participate in the immersion which occurred in Provence and in the Corbieres of southern France during the Danian epoch.
  • They are conformably overlain by clays and limestones with Exogyra Overwegi belonging to the Lower Danian, and these by clays and white chalk with Ananchytes ovata of the Upper Danian.
  • Much of the Danish chalk, including the wellknown limestone of Faxe, belongs to the highest or " Danian " subdivision of the Cretaceous period.
  • Only the higher divisions (Senonian and Danian) of the system are represented.
  • Wanting Danian Upper Chalk Senonian Middle Chalk Turonian Lower Chalk Cenomanian Upper Green-sand Gault Albian Aptian Lower Green-sand Valenginian Urgonian Wealden Neocomian In the continental classification the deposits from the Gault downwards are grouped as Lower Cretaceous; but in Great Britain there is a strong break below the Gault and 'none above; and the Gault is therefore classed as Upper Cretaceous.

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