Sentence Examples

  • In North Africa, probably in the 9th century, appeared the book known under the name of Eldad ha-Dani, giving an account of the ten tribes, from which much medieval legend was derived; 2 and in Kairawan the medical and philosophical treatises of Isaac Israeli, who died in 932.
  • Dani al, d.
  • ELDAD BEN MAHLI, also surnamed had-Dani, Abu-Dani, David-had-Dani, or * the Danite, Jewish traveller, was the supposed author of a Jewish travel-narrative of the 9th century A.D., which enjoyed great authority in the middle ages, especially on the question of the Lost Ten Tribes.
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  • Muller, "Die Recensionen and Versionen des Eldad had-Dani," in Denkschriften d.