Sentence Examples

  • When he rose, her feet dangled high off the ground.
  • Jenn dangled into the other world.
  • The angel ignored her and dropped beside her, wringing his hands helplessly.  The blond woman dangled over the widening chasm, clutching Katie's hand.  She braced her feet against the side of the chasm and walked upward, until Toby could grab her belt.  The angel pulled hard, and Katie pushed Deidre on top of the angel, who yelped.
  • The Ully-demon launched towards him.  The tree snatched Toby and lifted him to safety, and Toby dangled far enough over Ully's head that the demon couldn't reach him.  As he watched, the Ully-demon transformed into its natural form, a creature of wings, talons, and teeth longer than Toby's fingers.
  • Is that why he dangled it before her?