Sentence Examples

  • The Turning Point - The autumn finale brings a showdown between a wild new vamp and Damon to a head while Stefan and Elena take their relationship to a new level; unfortunately Elena discovers her likeness to Katherine at the worst time.
  • One can expect to watch him walk the red carpet towards Oscar at least a few more times in his career, but one can also count on Damon to pop-up where ever his celebrity friends like Affleck and Smith would like to see him.
  • Damon had appeared in eleven other films before winning his first Oscar, but it was his role as a heroin addict veteran in 1996's Courage Under Fire that won him the respect and admiration of many powerhouse actors.
  • Damon is a well-known and respected actor, writer and producer who made an initial splash in Hollywood with his breakthrough portrayal of Will Hunting in the movie Good Will Hunting, which he also co-wrote.
  • Born to a retired investment banker dad, Kent, and a college professor mom, Nancy, Matt Damon and older brother, Kyle, lived in Newton, Massachusetts until their parents' divorced when Damon was only two.