Sentence Examples

  • The contraction stress test (CST) is similar to the NST except the FHR is evaluated for accelerations, 15 beats higher than baseline lasting 15 seconds, and in response to contractions as well.
  • The CST results are reported as reactive/negative, reactive/suspicious, reactive/positive (a very unlikely result), or non-reactive/negative, non-reactive/suspicious, non-reactive/positive.
  • Abnormal CST results generally indicate the baby is not receiving sufficient oxygen and may not be capable of withstanding the stress of labor and subsequent vaginal delivery.
  • A CST requires the presence of three uterine contractions (UCs) within a 10-minute period lasting at least 40 seconds and of moderate intensity.
  • These scores are calculated based on the results of CST California Standardized Test (CST) scores in both Mathematics and English-Language Arts.

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