Sentence Examples

  • According to the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA), dieticians, doctors and gluten-intolerant consumers have debated the safety of oats for twenty years, and there are still no clearly defined guidelines.
  • Upon laboratory analysis, all three brands had gluten levels in excess of the limit proposed by the CSA, with values ranging from below detectable limits in two samples to 1807 ppm gluten.
  • Our systems have been certified by IAPMO to be compliant with the greywater Standards IGC-207b and CSA B-128.1, as well as being compliant with the International Plumbing Code.
  • The CSA states that there have been numerous studies on the subject, with mixed results and conclusions that do not always stay with the lines of the study.
  • The database allows you to search for online retailers, farmer's markets, brick-and-mortar grocers, farms, and community supported agriculture (CSA) shares.