Sentence Examples

  • C's were what I did best.
  • If the tangent at P meets the asymptotes in R, R', then CR.CR' = CS 2.
  • A striking fact in the configuration of the crust is cs 1'000 n that each continent, or elevated mass of the crust, is T diametrically opposite to an ocean basin or great de 5000 0 -5000 -15000 -20 2500 -300 pression; the only partial exception being in the case of southern South America, which is antipodal to eastern Asia.
  • CARBON BISULPHIDE, CS 2, a chemical product first discovered in 1796 by W.
  • Vogel, Jahresb., 18 53, p. 643), CS 2 -1-KHO+-R OH =H20+RO CS SK.