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Any of a subfamily (Crocodylinae) of large, flesh-eating, lizardlike crocodilian reptiles living in or around tropical streams and having thick, horny skin composed of scales and plates, a long tail, and a long, narrow, triangular head with massive jaws: it has on each side of the lower jaw a large tooth that protrudes upward from its closed mouth.
Webster's New World
A crocodilian reptile, such as an alligator, caiman, or gharial.
American Heritage
Leather made from a crocodile's hide.
Webster's New World
A long line of persons, esp. school children, moving in file, as when out for a walk.
Webster's New World
A line of people, especially pupils or choir members, standing two abreast.
American Heritage

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Origin of Crocodile

  • From Old French cocodril (modern crocodile), from Medieval Latin cocodrillus, from Latin crocodilus, from Ancient Greek κροκόδειλος (krokodeilos). The word was later refashioned after the Latin and Greek forms.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English cocodril from Old French from Latin cocodrillus variant of crocodīlus from Greek krokodīlos krokē pebble drīlos circumcised man, worm

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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