Sentence Examples

  • The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, although not the first cheerleading squad of this nature, definitely set the tone for professional cheerleading squads in terms of the type of role NFL cheerleaders played during a game.
  • It's made up of many Americanized versions of Mexican foods, and it evolved along the Texas-Mexican border, blending traditional Mexican foods with Americanized tastes and even some Southwestern cowboy fare thrown in.
  • For example, fill a basket with vintage and modern toy trucks, cars, tractors, and other automobiles, or choose a cowboy theme in which you give baby a stuffed horse, a baby-sized cowboy hat, and a blanket covered with pictures of horses.
  • Double "H" Western Wear: In addition to a wide selection of cowboy and cowgirl clothes, this Western emporium offers historical photographs from the old West, still frames from old Western flicks, and wooden Western-style picture frames.
  • She kicked her cowboy boots off and pulled the mud boots on.