Sentence Examples

  • The sometimes controversial designs and slogans of Juicy Couture drew international attention as tracksuits and underwear began to sport sayings on the rears, and phrases such as "Go Couture Yourself" became synonymous with the Juicy name.
  • More importantly, if you're a fan of Betsey Johnson clothing, then these handbags can accentuate almost any of her designs; because buying bohemian couture means you never have to say you're sorry for not matching…for really not matching.
  • You'll be a pastel pink couture queen when you hit the shoreline, and although you'll be paying a fair amount for these fashionable ensembles, you will also be the owner of some of the most-coveted couture items that celebrities swear by.
  • Nicole Kidman: Though perhaps the sweetest dress of the night, Kidman's Chanel couture gown drew slight criticism for its airy, almost frothy pink hue, which blended right into her fair skin and seemed to clash with her vibrant red hair.
  • In the early eighties, jewelry and accessories were introduced, making Versace Sunglasses available.Although known for glamour and high couture style, the Versace sunglass collection targets comfort and eye protection as much as fashion.