Sentence Examples

  • Officers and soldiers could be tried only by courts-martial, the clergy (including numbers of persons in minor orders, who were practically laymen) only by ecclesiastical courts.
  • A violent quarrel exacerbated by political differences broke out among the British commands, which led to two courts-martial and to the resignation of Keppel, and did great injury to the discipline of the navy.
  • The life of Lord Gambier is to be read in Marshall's Royal Naval Biography, in Ralfe's Naval Biography, in Lord Dundonald's Autobiography of a Seaman, in the Minutes of the Courts-Martial and in the general history of the period.
  • Of special interest is the series of naval records, despatches to and from naval commanders, proceedings of courts-martial, and togs in the Record Office which have never been properly utilized.
  • The only executions were those of military ringleaders of mutinies or military spies, after due public trial and conviction by courts-martial; the total number of these executions was 63.