Sentence Examples

  • SAPPHIRE, 1 a blue transparent variety of corundum, or native alumina, much valued as a gem-stone.
  • Corundum indeed is abundantly met with in the eastern half of Liberia.
  • In emery, magnetite in a granular form is largely associated with the corundum; and in certain kinds of mica magnetite occurs as thin dendritic enclosures.
  • The great corundum deposits ofCorundumHill,Macon county,N.C.,have yielded good sapphires, and they are found also at Cowee Creek in the same county.
  • The following precious stones are reported: corundum (rubies and sapphires), beryl, topaz, zircon, garnet, amazon-stone, tourmaline, often in large crystals, and variously coloured quartz, also often found in crystals of great size.