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  • Struthio in Africa and Arabia, fossil also in the Sivalik Hills, and Aepyornithidae in Madagascar; Pittzdae, Bucerotinae and Upupinae, of which Upupa itself in India, Madagascar and Africa; Coraciidae; Pycnonotidae or bulbuls; Trogonidae, of which the Asiatic genera are the less specialized in opposition to the Neotropical forms; Vulturidae; Leptoptilus, Anastomus and Ciconia among the storks; Pteroclidae; Treroninae among pigeons.
  • CoRACIAE.-Either (I) with long spina externa sterni, Coraciidae, rollers, Old World.
  • Milne-Edwards on that island (Oiseaux, pp. 223250), while the whole family Coraciidae is the subject of a monograph by H.

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