Sentence Examples

  • Whether you are a professional sommelier, the president of your local wine-club or just looking for a nice bottle to go with your coq au vin, you will find people like you here, talking about wine.
  • Now, if I received a brown-bagged wine my first assumption would be that this particular bottle was intended for a salad or for the coq au vin I'm making for dinner.
  • The king of Navarre had succeeded in escaping from prison and had entered Paris, where his party was in the ascendant; and Robert le Coq became the most powerful person in his council.
  • C. Douet d'Arcq, "Acte d'accusation contre Robert le Coq, eveque de Laon" in Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Charles, 1st series, t.
  • ALACOQUE, or AL COQ, Marguerite Marie (1647-1690), French nun and mystic, was born at Lauthecourt, a village in the diocese of Autun, on the 22nd of July 1647.