Sentence Examples

  • Crafting a recipe scrapbook may seem like a fairly easy project: simply print out the directions to your favorite dishes, place them in an album, add a few embellishments, and presto, instant cookbook scrapbook.
  • Better Homes and Gardens New Diabetic Cookbook: With an entrée collection including Sesame Chicken, Horseradish Flank Steak, and Fish with Cherry Relish, you are sure to find meals the entire family will love.
  • American Diabetes Association Diabetes Cookbook: Written by the authorities of the subject, this recipe collection is chock full of ideas for every occasion, including buffet gatherings and childrens' snacks.
  • For more Easter cupcake decorating ideas, try checking a seasonal cookbook out from the library, paging through cake decorating books, or looking through online cake galleries with focused search results.
  • Whether you keep your scrapbook for yourself or make it for a friend or family member as a gift, anyone who sees your cookbook project will be impressed both by the idea, as well as by the final product.