Sentence Examples

  • Symptoms, such as diarrhoea, anaemia, intermittent fever, restlessness, irritability and convulsions are attributed to these worms. The treatment is the administration of santonin, followed by a purgative.
  • SaintJust proposed a dictatorship as the only remedy for the convulsions of society.
  • He was able, however, to receive the Eucharist, and soon afterwards died in convulsions on the 19th of August.
  • The events of the three years from1820-1823were the beginning of a series of convulsions which lasted till 1874.
  • The 11 th century, with its political convulsions, resulting in the establishment of an alien rule and the partial suppression of the language of the conquered race, was unfavourable to literary efforts of any kind in the vernacular.