Sentence Examples

  • It is the proposition, something predicated about something, that conveys an idea.
  • Until lately it remained quite uncertain, however, whether the invertebrate merely conveys the Trypanosomes or whether 1 Trypanosoma equiperdum, the cause of dourine in horses and asses, is apparently only conveyed by the act of coitus.
  • The Volkhov, which conveys the waters of Lake Ilmen, is the largest; Lake Onega discharges its waters by the Svir; and the Saima system of lakes of eastern Finland contributes the Vuoxen and Taipale rivers; the Syas brings the waters from the smaller lakes and marshes of the Valdai plateau.
  • The crown is hereditary, and conveys the simple title of king of Wurttemberg.
  • Conveys a false impression; it should be " angels of evil," as R.V., i.e.