Sentence Examples

  • They conclude (c) with Messianic or consolatory passages on the future glory of Israel.
  • The work, which is certainly not a forgery, but only a consolatory political pamphlet, is just as powerful, viewed according to the author's evident intention, as a consolation to God's people in their dire distress at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, as if it were, what an ancient but mistaken tradition had made it, really an accurate account of events which took place at the close of the Babylonian period.'
  • And now during these last three weeks of the march he had learned still another new, consolatory truth--that nothing in this world is terrible.
  • At Darmstadt he made the acquaintance of Caroline Flachsland, to whom he soon became betrothed, and who for the rest of his life supplied him with that abundance of consolatory sympathy which his sensitive and rather querulous nature appeared to require.

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