Sentence Examples

  • We may now summarize the contents of the Conics of Apollonius.
  • In it Maclaurin developed several theorems due to Newton, and introduced the method of generating conics which bears his name, and showed that many curves of the third and fourth degrees can be described by the intersection of two movable angles.
  • Astronomy was also enriched by his investigations, and he was led to several remarkable theorems on conics which bear his name.
  • His treatise on Conics gained him the title of The Great Geometer, and is that by which his fame has been transmitted to modern times.
  • After the Conics in eight Books had been written in a first edition, Apollonius brought out a second edition, considerably revised as regards Books i.-ii., at the instance of one Eudemus of Pergamum; the first three books were sent to Eudemus at intervals, as revised, and the later books were dedicated (after Eudemus' death) to King Attalus I.