Sentence Examples

  • The theory of conformal representation shows that the motion is given by (b-a'.u -a) +?
  • - n)= l b - au - ' (8) a - a u - b (9) dS2 I A I (b-a.b-a') dw m du = 21/(U - b)- ‘ 1 (u-a.0-a')' du -, r u' Io) the formulas by which the conformal representation is obtained.
  • 7), and so must be excluded from the boundary of u; the conformal re presentation is made now with du= (b-a.b-a') du - (u-b) A l (u-a.0-a) (I) dw m I m' du = 7r u-j - u -j' _ m+m' u-b it u' j.0-j" b = mj i m'j m+m', taking u = co at the source where FIG.7.