Sentence Examples

  • Most pressed minerals bases can be used as both a foundation and concealer, but be sure to check the specific product line to see if four in one use is advocated or it is necessary to purchase the concealer and finishing powder separately.
  • Though some brands of mineral foundation state that concealers are not necessary, don't hesitate to use a concealer if you want to cover some minor imperfections - blemishes, dark circles and redness are all best covered with concealer.
  • In addition to this phenomenal little tube of shine, Max Factor is credited for formulating the first camera worthy makeup in 1912, the original pan cake makeup in the 1930's and the first under eye concealer stick in 1954.
  • Apply your concealer with your fingertips or a small, flat brush after your foundation so that you won't just wipe your cover-up away when you apply your foundation, once again revealing dark circles or spots on your skin.
  • Although it may seem a bit far-fetched that a concealer product can possibly hide your tattoo, do remember that celebrities and models have been using these types of formulas for red-carpet occasions and photo ops.

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