Sentence Examples

  • Pheasants, ducks, geese and snipe are abundant, and Dr C. Collingwood in his Naturalist's Rambles in the China Seas mentions .Ardea prasinosceles and other species of herons, several species of fly-catchers, kingfishers, shrikes and larks, the black drongo, the Cotyle sinensis and the Prinia sonitans.
  • Collingwood, Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll (1898).
  • Collingwood, and that on Historical Materialism and Marxism by C. M.
  • Round the city lies a circle of populous suburbs - to the north-east Fitzroy (pop. 31,687) and Collingwood (32,749), to the east Richmond (37,824), to the south-east Prahran (40,441), to the south South Melbourne (40,619), to the south-west Port Melbourne (12,176), and to the north-west North Melbourne (18,120).
  • Collingwood, his friend, neighbour and secretary (1900).