Sentence Examples

  • Love To Know Soap Operas enjoyed an opportunity to chat with Ms. Herring as she prepared for a day of shooting scenes with Colleen Zenk Pinter and former GH cast mate Stuart Damon.
  • The character was portrayed in a series of flashbacks, until she re-emerged in a kidnapping case that led to the elderly Colleen being played by an older actress.
  • Just ask Colleen, a 28-year-old plus-sized woman who blogs about her experience with her body type in The Pretty Pear: Your Curves Will Never Go Out of Style.
  • Wildlife artist Glenn Monroe partnered with writer Colleen Monroe to create a delightful story about a large pine that wants to be a holiday tree.
  • Patty's actions also led to the death of Colleen Carlton, whose heart was used to save Victor's life after she was pronounced brain dead.