Sentence Examples

  • In various places throughout the county may be seen the ruins of several ancient castles, Danish raths or encampments, and tumuli, in the last of which urns and stone coffins have sometimes been found.
  • Certain Cretan coffins, and the faience industry of Cnossus.
  • The coffins are of small size, contain corpses with the knees drawn up to the chin and are found in excavated chambers or pits.
  • The ground-plan can be traced; the fish-ponds are complete; and carved stones, coffins and encaustic tiles of a peculiar manufacture are frequently exhumed.
  • No objects have been discovered belonging to the period intermediate between the 7th and 3rd centuries B.C.; but "from about 250 B.C. onwards we have a series of Praenestine graves surmounted by the characteristic ` pine-apple ' of local stone, containing stone coffins with rich bronze, ivory and gold ornaments beside the skeleton.