Sentence Examples

  • It may seem like a small matter, but if a co-worker takes issue with your wallpaper and raises the matter with your supervisor or the Human Resources department, you may find that you've bitten off more than you're willing to chew.
  • D Greetings: This site has general birthday greetings as well as free e-cards for kids birthdays, belated birthday wishes, family birthdays, co-worker birthdays, romantic birthdays, neighbor birthdays, and pet birthdays.
  • When you want to get something special for a friend or co-worker that is retiring and are not sure what type of gift to get, retirement gift suggestions may steer you toward the perfect choice.
  • If things have really come to a head, you may even want to consider switching departments (or transferring).Even worse than having a conflict with a co-worker is having one with a supervisor.
  • Being married and choosing not to wear a ring is a personal preference and usually opens up the individual to some unwanted or perhaps wanted attention, as is the case with your co-worker.