Sentence Examples

  • Even if you are lucky enough to have a job, you may find that you're stressed out because you are now picking up all the slack; you are doing your job, plus the job of a co-worker.
  • When you want to get something special for a friend or co-worker that is retiring and are not sure what type of gift to get, retirement gift suggestions may steer you toward the perfect choice.
  • Since the operative word here is discreet, you probably won't come on to your co-worker in the break room or approach your aerobics instructor immediately after class.
  • Olivia has trouble taking advice from her co-worker Bryce because he believes the flashforwards will happen which would put her with a man other than her husband Mark.
  • Various centre studies show that maternity benefits like paid leave, employee and co-worker support, information, and absolute job security would encourage men to take maternity leave.