Sentence Examples

  • In other words, a dental patient will know that a visit to the dentist will cost a certain dollar amount - such as a $10 co-pay - instead of going into the visit knowing that the co-pay will some percentage of the total cost of the visit.
  • Learn the premiums for different plans, what the co-pay costs are for prescriptions and doctor and emergency room visits, and whether or not the plan you're interested in covers preexisting conditions you might have.
  • This means the insurance, which is sometimes called major medical insurance, not only has a co-pay for services rendered, but the policy will also require you to pay the deductible that you agreed to pay.
  • When you buy this type of insurance policy, usually your only cost is the insurance itself, a small co-pay, and any treatment you choose to receive that is not covered by your policy.
  • If you require a monthly prescription for chronic medical condition, ask your doctor for larger supplies to make sure you only need to pay one co-pay per period.