Sentence Examples

  • In talipes varus, the most common form of clubfoot, the foot generally turns inward so that the leg and foot look somewhat like the letter J (when looking at the left foot head-on).
  • If there is no anatomic abnormality of the bone, this is not true clubfoot, and the problem can usually be corrected by applying special braces or casts to straighten the foot.
  • Clubfoot may be suspected during the latter stages of pregnancy, especially in a mother of shorter or smaller than normal stature, a large fetus, or multiple infants.
  • Skeletal abnormalities may include poorly developed shoulder blades (scapulae), sideways bent fingers (clinodactyly), clubfoot, scoliosis, and unusual neck bones.
  • Researchers in Norway have reported that males who are in the printing trades have significantly more offspring with clubfoot than men in other occupations.