Sentence Examples

  • After a quick stop at a clothier to pick up a long wool skirt and sweater, she changed in her car and drove home.
  • Wilkinson then resigned (March 1778) his newly-acquired commission, but later re-entered the service in the quartermaster, He died in London on the 19th of general's department, and was clothier-general from July 1779 to March 1781.
  • At that age he was apprenticed to a fuller and clothier, to card wool, and to dye and dress the cloth.
  • WILLIAM LAUD (1573-1645), English archbishop, only son of William Laud, a clothier, was born at Reading on the 7th of October 1573.
  • In the middle ages Malmesbury possessed a considerable cloth manufacture, and at the Dissolution the abbey was bought by a rich clothier and fitted with looms for weaving.