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  • The apical end of the rotifer usually narrows suddenly beyond the curve of the gut and the cloacal aperture to form the foot of pseudopodium which ends in an organ of attachment, a pair of movable toes, each with the opening of a cement-gland (gl) at its tip. Thus for orientation we place the rotifer like the cuttle-fish, head downwards: the ciliated disk is basal or oral, proximal to the rest of the animal, the foot is apical, and the brain and cloacal aperture are anterodorsal.
  • As a rule, the wall of the ovary is continued into a uterine tube opening into the cloaca; but in Philodinaceae this is absent, and the young are free in the body cavity and escape by perforating the cloacal walls.
  • Un like the molluscs and annelids, however, the cloacal invagination lies outside this region, and the foot is formed by an elongation of the end of the body between the two apertures.
  • Open into a cloacal slit on the surface of the body.
  • Cl, Cloacal or pallial chamber of Neomeniae and Chaetoderma.

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