Sentence Examples

  • The one clear-sighted patriot saw the full meaning of the tragedy of Megiddo, and for " prophesying against this city " - secured, as men thought, by the Temple (vii.
  • But though clear-sighted, widely read and a good diplomatist, his impressionable and sentimental nature made him too subject to personal and family influences.
  • He was not constitutionally averse from change; and he was too clear-sighted not to see that, sooner or later, change was inevitable.
  • "You've been much more …clear-sighted in how you dealt with her," Gabe said regretfully.
  • He was undoubtedly a clear-sighted and able mathematician, who handled admirably the severe geometrical method, and who in his Method of Tangents approximated to the course of reasoning by which Newton was afterwards led to the doctrine of ultimate ratios; but his substantial contributions to the science are of no great importance, and his lectures upon elementary principles do not throw much light on the difficulties surrounding the border-land between mathematics and philosophy.