Sentence Examples

  • The heroes of the show use their abilities to prevent those predictions in a series of fascinating episodes featuring cinematography reminiscent of comic book action and a storyline that one would expect to find in a feature film.
  • Fans of The Young and the Restless enjoy tuning in to the episodes that air each day for many reasons, ranging from the characters to the storytelling to the direction and cinematography.
  • Howard Shore - If you are a fan of Tolkien theatrical films, then you know that much of the success of these movies came from the stunning cinematography throughout the tale.
  • While the Bring It On series isn't exactly the brightest star in cinematography, you can watch the films to try to pick out some of those great cheerleading moves and cheers.
  • However, it is easier to give the illusion of more height to an actor through proper pairing and cinematography, than it is to take off inches.