Sentence Examples

  • He is said to have written the history of his consulship and the Cimbrian War after the manner of Xenophon; two epigrams by him have been preserved, one on Roscius the celebrated actor (Cicero, De Nat.
  • Two buildings were known as "Monumenta Catuli": the temple of Fortuna hujusce diei, to commemorate the day of Vercellae, and the Porticus Catuli, built from the sale of the Cimbrian spoils.
  • Of Sciacca) lasted from 102 to 99, the time of the Cimbrian invasion.
  • At the same time as the invasion of Italy they had made fresh descents into the Danube valley and the upper Balkan, and perhaps may have pushed into southern Russia, but at this time they never made their way into Greece, though the Athenian ladies copied the style of hair and dress of the Cimbrian women.
  • The Baltic is connected with North Sea by the winding channel between the south of Scandinavia and the Cimbrian peninsula.

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